One platform for

all your accelerated

manufacturing needs

HubForward is a multi-industry manufacturing platform

that is designed to maximize efficiency,

transparency, and reliability.

Shorter Lead Time

Better Quality

Effective Cost

Full Transparency

Order high-quality precision CNC machined parts from a network of experienced global manufacturers capable of hitting tolerances as tight as +/- 0.002mm. Choose from many metals and plastic and finishes.

Whether you’re after low volume or serial production moulding, our experts in rapid tooling, family moulds, multi-cavity moulds or overmoulding will ensure your samples are ready in days.

From FDM, SLA, SLS and MJF to DMLS printing, we’ve got you covered. Parts can typically be shipped in as little as 3 day, allowing for faster design iterations and speed to market.

High-quality laser cutting, bending and post-processing in days. Choose from a variety of sheet metals across a wide range of strength, conductivity, weight, and corrosion-resistance.

Why Choose HubForward

Deal with your manufacturing, R&D, and IP needs under one Platform with transparency, security and support

Get high-quality parts manufactured on-demand, to accelerate innovation cycles from prototype to launch

Submit your R&D requirement and get the best solution from our qualified team.

Easy, fixed-price intellectual property services cover patents, trademarks, and IP

One platform, all your innovation,
R&D  & manufacturing needs

Our platform is designed to ensure that all your innovation and manufacturing needs are handled at competitive costs and lead times while guaranteeing IP protection, visibility, reliability, and quality.

Our Unique Selling Proposition

Mission statement

Our Mission

Is to redefine manufacturing with more visibility and localized production support.

Our Vision

Is to be the hub for advanced custom manufacturing anywhere in the world.